2020 · Multiplayer Action Game · Collaborative Project (8 Weeks) · Unreal Engine 4 / C++

Mayhaemsters is a last man hamster standing competitive multiplayer game for up to four players where your playstyle not only influences the layout of the map, but also the way your friends interact with their own controls.

The game should surprise its players with breaking conventions by providing a chaotic yet fun gameplay with various challenges of uncertainty.
Specifically, one of the usable items causes your enemy players' key bindings to their four basic abilities to suddenly remap across the controller's face buttons. With one of the abilities being called "self-destruction" that represents the button you should better never press, the controls of your opponents can be turned into your weapon. Furthermore, the map undergoes significant changes to its layout that are triggered incidentally by the players’ actions.

The game is designed to be a thrilling and fun experience that relieves the spirit of ludic couch multiplayer games.

My responsibilities as a producer and co-programmer were:

  • Pitching initial design concept
  • Managing development process (guiding and overseeing tasks, etc.)
  • Editing gameplay and presentation videos with Vegas Movie Studio
  • Implementing systems for UI, audio and animations (Blueprints)
  • Creating and tweaking movement and input mechanics (C++)

ONLINE: Via Cologne Game Lab (outdated build)

CODE: - Please note: This project was created longer than 2+ years ago. Hence, this code does not represent my current technical skills anymore.

Team Members: Mohammed Najeeb Mshaweh (Gameplay Programming) | Daniel Baracotti (Game Design & Sound Design) | Mohamed Hanafy Mahmoud & Sebestian Gerena (Game Arts) | Sameh Mohamed Aransa (Arts Consulting) | Michael Gebhart (Production & Programming)