The Big Banger

2021 · Augmented Reality Game · Collaborative Project (7 Weeks) · Unity / C#, AR Foundation

The Big Banger is an educational augmented reality game that should teach students the rules of physics and, primarily, the laws of motion.

The player's mission is to launch planets through space by setting the right velocity or acceleration based on the defined planet mass. The mission is completed by fulfilling the motion laws, i.e., on their successful calculations. This is visualized with a more playful approach where the player's planets need to not only target other planets, but also exceed their force values in order to destroy them.

Developed with Unity and AR Foundation and designed for mobile Android devices, the game is intended to be a sandbox experience that should help students understand the physical relations between motion-based objects. The game space is supposed to be positioned on the player's desk in front of him/her.

My responsibilities as a co-programmer were:

  • Implementing systems for game logics, movement, audio and UI
  • Setting up input systems, i.e., translating 2D touch input to a 3D game space.

ONLINE: Via Cologne Game Lab

CODE: (GitHub Profile of one of the project's Designers)

Team Members: Jihoon Kim (Game Design & Project Management) | Daniel Baracotti (Game Design & Sound Design) | Robert Pavic & Sebastian Gerena (2D and 3D Arts, VFX) | Salma Mouselhy & Michael Gebhart (Programming)