Underground Berlin

2020 · ARG · Collaborative Project (8 Weeks) · JavaScript

Undergound Berlin is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) based on a proof a concept for an upcoming web series. In-game, you investigate mysterious incidents happening in the capital city’s underground system. Its puzzles are transmedial, meaning that they are located across various devices such as physical documents and online webpages.

My responsibilities as a programmer were:

  • Web Design
  • Creating static websites with HTML / CSS
  • Implementing interactive elements with JavaScript

The websites are deployed with Jekyll and hosted via Github Pages. Specifically, I took care of the full technical implementation of two websites:

  • The hub, the player can return to after each puzzle: Website | Code
  • A chat website, putting the player in a linear dialogue: Website | Code

ONLINE: Via Cologne Game Lab

Team Members: Lars Kalthoff & Theodore Menezes (Narrative Design) | Ioana Sandu (Graphic Design) | Lucas Donnard (Consulting) | Michael Gebhart (Web Design & Programming)