2019 (on hold) · Mobile Action Platformer · Intermediate Collaboration · Unity / C#

Showrunners was a planned mobile game developed for Android devices and based on A Dystopian Murder Show.

Besides taking the original concept and adapting its controls and mechanics to touch devices, the project also introduced an in-game currency and shop system with customizable 2D sprites for the character’s design, hat and weapon.

It served as an intermediate project during our third study semester.

My responsibilities as a producer and second programmer were:

  • Managing development processes (overseeing tasks and deadlines, communicating with third parties, etc.)
  • Implementing keyframe character animations for exchangable sprites in the customization system

Team Members: Isaac Baaltsch (Game Design) | Yannick Renz (Game Design, Sound Design) | Angelo Wedel & Ioana Sandu (Arts & Animation) | Anastasia Tataurova (UI Arts) | Maurice Andreas (Programming) | Kevin Zhang & Lucia Zhai (Consulting) | Michael Gebhart (Production & Animation Programming)